How to Get Great Grades

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Fool proof method to exam domination that I used to graduate at the top of my class while managing to get extremely yucky on a regular basis and only dedicating 1% of my time to studying- it is long but I guarantee success:

As a caveat to this method, you actually have to go to class for the most part and take notes/pay attention to some extent. If you miss class for some reason find a bish to get you notes on what you missed so you will have it. DO NOT study whatsoever or even think about the content of the class once you leave but at the very least take notes while there so you have the information- you don't even have to understand what is being said just make sure you write it down.

Using this method, you can go to class drunk/high/hungover/etc. and still have success. But you HAVE to go (to an extent- I'd generally miss 3 or so classes a semester, but always tried to get what I missed at the very least)

1. Starting at roughly 7 - 9 PM the night before the exam, re-type or write all of your notes into a condensed/outline format so that you are seeing the information again, writing the information again, and processing the information again.

I usually spent roughly an hour to an hour and a half re-typing handwritten notes from class. Don't actually dwell on any of the information or make any attempt to understand it on anything other than a purely superficial level- I would simply re-type what I had previously written.

By this time, you have seen every possible thing that is likely to be on the test at least twice, and you have physically written the information at least twice, therefore it has begun to embed into your memory.

2. Take your newly formulated outline and go through it with a pen/pencil at least one time that night. Underline things that seem important/were emphasized in class, make notations in the margins with acronyms to help you further memorize the information. Place greater emphasis on portions of the material that you are...
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