How to Get Good Grades

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Take notes of everything. For most courses in high school and junior/community college, most of what is on the tests and homework will be discussed in the class. If your teacher draws a diagram on the board, copy that down - it can help you remember the information. Don't just copy what they write on the board, either: take extensive notes on everything. Ads by Google

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2Calculate how much of your grade a project is worth. Prioritize. You won't get a high score if you don't aim for one. 3Homework comes first over everything else: set yourself goals and make sure you reach them before you go out and party. Social life is important too, but make sure your work comes first. But don't become a social outcast because that is as unhealthy as bad grades. Keep the grades up and have a social life. When you get a bad grade just think that you can still bring it up in the future, so don't worry. Try to do your best and most importantly ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT( FROM A TEACHER). 4With homework, don't travel into unknown territory, use your notes to answer what the teacher is asking for: if you see something that you're not sure is true, or that you're not sure your teacher will agree with, don't say it. Do it correctly, checking to make sure you have no mistakes, and you can't mess up. Look over your homework in detail at least once before you turn it in, and if you're uncertain about something ask your teacher! 5With tests, take the notes and make a study guide. Look in the textbook and add anything not in your notes, do not omit anything. Then make someone test you on the study guide, sing the question and answer, whatever. Use memory tricks. If you know it all, then make yourself do an essay on tricky stuff, like really understanding the thing. In the essay, write: know how to understand _____. Then do a problem with one, or two problems, not...
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