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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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Response to Lit. Prompts – “Unwritten”
Teacher Directions

1.Show students the Response to Literature Graphic Organizer at and provide them with a handout of the organizer. 2. Play the PowerPoint file “Unwritten” (song by Natasha Bedingfield.) Be sure to download the Song to your computer, and play it while you show the PowerPoint. 3.Discuss the metaphors Bedingfield uses in her song and what they might mean. Have students fill in the graphic organizer for “Unwritten”. 4.Show students the Response to Literature T-Chart

5.Conduct a class discussion of literature themes. See “Themes in Response to Literature Essays/Stories”. 6.Have students read the “Hidden Treasure” short story, and then answer the questions on the worksheet. 7.Have students read “You Go Your Way” story, answer the questions, and write a response to literature essay about the short story. 8.Read Freak the Mighty to the class, or have students read it on their own. When finished, discuss themes in the story. Play the song, “You Can’t Go Home Anymore” (see words on the timetrek webpage at Discuss how one of the themes could be how “Freak” had to finally come to grips with the truth about his father, and how this let him move on with his life. How does this relate to the words in the song? 9.Provide students with the Freak the Mighty Response to Lit handout, and the paragraphs as instructed on the handout. 10.Have students read the “Parrot” short story. Show the PowerPoint, “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Till It’s Gone”, and discuss how the PowerPoint might relate to the story. Be sure to also download the Taxi song and play it as you show the PowerPoint. 11.Have students read Tuck Everlasting. Have students complete the handouts, worksheets, chapter summaries, and quiz. 12.Teach students the MovieWorks software. Assign the MovieWorks project. 13.Have students read Esperanza....
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