How to Find Balance Between Life and Work

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topic: how to find balance between life and work
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How To Find a Balance Between Life and Work
Life is a gift of ALLAH ALMIGHTY to us and work is soul of its life, without work we cannot find a better way of life but we have to balance this. Work is important part of life and we can learn techniques, arts, etc. by work. By good education you can find a good job and now its up to you, how you manage your schedule. It is important not to overextend ourselves by overloading, we can cause our bodies to wear out and our mental and spiritual states can become drained leaving us feeling exhausted. Some of things that we can do in order to find a balance is to set priorities. This allows us to establish a business plan in order of importance. Life and work can be in-cooperated by taking out a leisure time in your busy schedule that specific time will make us to think over broader aspects. In Leisure by WALTER DE LA MARE, he also discusses about that take out free time in your busy schedule, relax your mind and do some healthy exercises. Finally I will conclude my entire topic by simply saying that positivity in one thing to strengthen our life’s notion and this is possible by proper planning .I like to say a philosophy which is “Fish philosophy”.it summarize as ”be happy wherever you are and whatever you are.”
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