How to Evaluate a Test

Topics: Multiple choice, Achievement test, Psychometrics Pages: 7 (2478 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Testing and assessment is the process of determining the extent to which students achieve instructional objectives. It is a scheme for collecting evidence of what learners accomplish through process of teaching and judge the direction and extent of changes. Testing is a continuous process and forms an integral part of the total system of education and in vary closely related to educational objectives. The purpose of this evaluation is to make provisions for guiding the growth of the learners to diagnose their strengths and weakness and point out areas where remedial measure are devised. It makes a judgment on the quality or worth of an educational program or students’ achievements and provides for a subsequent modification of curriculum. Also, teachers have a key role to play in the curriculum renewal and development process. According to the types of information they provide to decide a test is suitable for a particular purpose. An achievement test is supposed to learn what progress students make during the course and reveal where the greatest difficulties remain at the end of the course so that future courses may give more attention in these areas. In this assignment, we aim to investigate an achievement test with a detailed sample applied in Hanoi University of Industry testing processing. I. LITERATURE REVIEW:

Language testing (LT) research, one of the areas of inquiry the applied linguistics, has tended to concern itself with providing a model of language ability. Its primary aims are not only to describe and assess the language ability of an individual, but also to construct extensive theory of language test performance. And all language tests are not of the same kind. They differ mainly in terms of design (method) and purpose. According to the purpose of tests, there are placement, diagnostic, aptitude, proficiency and achievement tests. In this paper, we would like to focus on the achievement tests only. 1. Definition of achievement test:

In the Standards for test construction (APA, 1999) achievement is viewed basically as the competence a person have in a area of content. This competence is the result of many intellectual and nonintellectual variables, although in this paper we concentrate exclusively on the achievement test which is going to be established with reference to educational movements. An achievement test is an exam designed to assess how much knowledge a person has in a certain area or set of areas. Schools use these tests with some regularity to both place students into appropriate grade levels and skill groupings and to assess teacher efficiency. Achievement tests may also be used by private schools and elite institutions as admissions benchmarks, and sometimes appear in the workplace, too — particularly when it comes to determining whether certain employees have what it takes to assume greater responsibilities or to transition to different leadership areas. It seems that achievement tests have been defined in different ways by a number of researchers: An achievement test is a test of developed skill or knowledge. The most common type of achievement test is a standardized test developed to measure skills and knowledge learned in a given grade level, usually through planned instruction, such as training or classroom instruction .(Hawaii Department of Education- 1999) Also Arthur Hughes reminds that achievement test measures how successful students are in achieving objectives of a lesson, course or curriculum. They are closely related to the content of a particular lesson and this assessment is formative when teachers use it to check on the progress , frequency and syllabus content approach . To conclude, achievement test scores are often used in an educational system to determine what level of instruction for which a student is prepared. Therefore high achievement scores usually indicate a mastery of grade-level material, and the readiness for advanced instruction. Low achievement scores can...
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