How to Evaluate an Rfp of Adt System

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You are part of the five-member team responsible for selecting the new admission/discharge/transfer (ADT)/MPI for your facility. You are replacing an existing MPI that no longer meets the needs of your organization. Even more important, in 18 months the MPI will no longer be supported by your vendor. The functional requirements and the request for proposal have been developed. The RFP is due back from the vendors in 1 week. Your facility wants to make the decision about which system to choose within 3 months. Your assignment is to evaluate the RFP’s returned and to develop a plan to guide the team in the evaluation and selection of the final system. Your plan should answer these questions:

a) What process(es) will be used to evaluate systems?

The processes to evaluate an ADT system are as follows:-

1. Determine who will be involved in the detailed evaluation and communicate the role and expectations. These should include the project team and any other stakeholders as may be appropriate. The evaluation process will take time, ensure the individuals selected have been properly briefed, and the time commitments clearly understood. 2. Circulate functional requirements and related copies of the proposal to the immediate project team or those closely involved in evaluating the proposal; 3. Give clear directions on how to proceed and the related timetable; 4. Review and score the functional fit of each proposal, depending on the number and breadth of the proposals, these might have to be allocated to different team members. If so, ensure the evaluation method is well defined to get consistent results; Examples of the RFP evaluation factors of ADT project between vendors are listed as follows:- •Vendor’s ability to meet the organization’s must-have requirements; •Proposed benefits to the organization;

Ease of implementation;
Ease of self-customization;
Ease of use;
Other value added benefits from the vendor;
The vendor’s experience...
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