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Vanna Le
Eng 112
May 23 2011
A County Fair Dessert at Home
Ever crave county fair desserts in the comfort of your own home? And unfortunately cannot because county fairs are not open year-round? Or maybe do not want to spend ridiculous amounts of money just to get a simple dessert? Well, no worries now because here are some easy steps to show how to make deep fried Oreos just like the ones from the county fairs. Ingredients are most important

Making sure you have the right ingredients is a very important aspect in cooking, of course. Making deep fried Oreos is definitely not difficult because the main product you need is Oreos. Buy one pack of regular Oreos, double-stuffed Oreos, or even golden Oreos will be perfectly fine.

Next, you will need pancake batter to dip the Oreo cookies in. Any brand of pancake batter should work fine, but I would recommend Krusteaz Pancake Mix because it only requires water to mix and there is no need to spend any more money when you can just use water. To make a decent batch of fried Oreos, you will need two and half cups of Krusteaz pancake mix and one and a half cups of water.

At the county fairs, they usually coat their fried Oreos in powdered sugar, but that optional.
Lastly, vegetable or corn oil to fry the Oreos in will be needed. Preferably a small pot with about four cups of oil, so the Oreos have enough space to float and not touch the bottom of the pot. Before you start preparing anything, preheat the oil in the pot on high so that it is hot and ready for deep frying. Preparing the battered Oreo

To prepare the batter, take a large bowl and pour in two and a half cups of pancake mix into it. Then pour one and a half cups of water into the bowl with the pancake mix. Mix it until the lumps are gone, and make sure the batter is not too watery. If it is too watery, you can add a little more pancake mix to thicken it just a bit, if necessary.

After the pancake mix is finished with no lumps present, dip the Oreo...
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