How to Ensure Normal and Sustainable Operation for Bucket Elevator

Topics: Roller chain, The Cabinet, Planned Preventative Maintenance Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: February 8, 2012
Bucket elevator has the advantages of big conveying capacity, high hoisting height, stable and reliable running and long service life. Performance and parameter are in accord with JB3926—85 'Vertical Bucket Elevator', which consults the international standard and advanced foreign standard and the towing circle chain is in accord with MT36—80 'High-Strength Circle Chain for Mine'. The machine is applicable for conveying the power, grain and block materials, such as coal, cement, block, sand, clay and ore. The bucket elevator is allowed to convey materials with high temperature when armed with special circle chain structure.

To ensure bucket elevator be sustained operation, we must do preventive maintenance and overhaul plan of equipment well, and discover in time and eliminate hidden dangers of accidents. Preventive maintenance plan is prevention system of inspection, maintenance and repair for the lifting equipment characteristics, including the cycle, content, quality standards for all kinds of the maintenance etc. The hoist operators not only do the routine maintenance and maintenance of equipment well, but also should participate in planned maintenance and repair work of mine hoist.

First, routine maintenance of hoist equipment:

The daily maintenance of equipment, it is to show for the equipment in a planned way of lubrication, daily inspection and clean job. Timely inspection and planned repair work, it is a very effective method to reduce mechanical parts wear, to prolong service life of hoist, And it will lay the good foundation to improve the machine maintenance and greatly reduce the maintenance frequency.

Second, regular inspection of hoist equipment:

The inspection of hoist is divided into daily inspection, weekly inspection and monthly inspection. We should make the maintenance of the specific content according to the performance, structure characteristics, working conditions and maintenance experience of machine. The results and repair...
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