How to Encourage Pupils to Do Homework Using Group Merit System

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Each day, pupils leave school with homework that needs to be completed after school hours. This homework, assigned by school teachers, serves a number of academic purposes, such as drill and mastery of basic skills, expansion and elaboration of concepts introduced in the classroom. Besides academic functions, homework also can be used to promote student responsibility, fulfill administrative directives and provide parents with information about the curriculum (Trautwein 2009).

Homework is an opportunity for children to learn and for families to be involved in their children’s education. However, helping children with homework is not always easy. When we say about homework teachers often hear questions such as: 1. How can I get my son to do his homework? Every night it’s a struggle to get him to turn off the TV and do his homework.

2. Why is my daughter not getting more homework?
3. Why I need to do a lot of homework?
4. I do not have time to play because of homework. Why I need homework? 4. Do homework assignments really help my child learn?

As a trainee teacher I was not aware on how to answer and help these parents and pupils to overcome this problem until I myself was involved and faced a problem with completion of homework during my practicum.

A major problem that I noticed with my pupils during my practicum is that pupils have trouble handing in their homework. If I gave homework to the pupils it takes several days to be completed. The pupils were then left behind or have less understanding on the topic learnt that day. When the pupils fail to complete their work it also makes me frustrated because they were not prepared for the lesson and this distracts the flow of the lesson.

This scenario made me think on why my pupils are facing problem in turning or passing up their homework. But if we ask why there could be many possible answers. Therefore I think there is no point on asking why. I should focus more on how to help the pupils to pass up their tasks or homework.

There is much research that has been conducted to prove the importance of homework. Hee (2009) stated that homework completion has more effects on pupil’s grades. Even though his study emphasis is on immigrant pupils ,his results is consistent with the studies done by Dennis ( 2009) which reveals that homework programs can support pupils in their academic learning and pupils will feel more engaged and interesting in school learning , and developing attitudes and skills which promote to get better grades.

These studies supported that homework is actually motivating and makes pupils engage in learning. Besides that homework is also plays an important role in pupil’s grades. This was proved by Bempechat (2004)in his recent study.

According to Bempechat, (2004) he stated that there is a positive association between the amount of homework that pupils complete and their grades. This means that pupil’s homework affects their grades. Therefore, if no homework is done then the pupil’s achievement is lowered and their grades will suffer. Similarly, pupils who do their homework will increase their achievement and improve their grades.

These studies are giving us a conclusion that homework is important to primary level pupils. The idea of using group work was inspired by an article by Hee Jing Bang (2009).After reading this articles my concern towards homework was aroused. The curiosity to help the pupils in completing the homework gave me an idea which is the Homework Team System. This is actually doing homework in groups.

Hee (2009) stated that when pupils work in groups or participate in homework programs to complete their work they tend to learn to be responsible to their own learning and more organized which is including their time management. This statement is the basis for me to create Homework Team System as an encouragement to...
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