How to Effectively Manage Leadership

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How to Effectively Manage Leadership
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Executive Summary
The paper identifies the key points that Peter Topping has discussed in his book “Managerial Leadership”. This book is a guide for those who needs to build an effective leadership strategy. As Peter says that the management process involves the formulation of effective management systems right process for their application, have the right people with the right qualifications to manage and continuously improve systems to adapt to changing work environment. The major theme underlie in the book is that the managerial competence is necessary for laying the foundation for a very successful and flourishing career, however, it is a fact that demonstrated leadership skills are important to push the leader up to the organizational ladder and goals How to Effectively Manage Leadership

The leadership is a feature of any organization, the axis motor of the same. It is therefore important that any person that performs in the business develop leadership skills. According to Allen, (2008) the leader is the people comprising the action, who converts followers into leaders and who can become agents of change. Leadership ability has been identified as one of the central features determinants of successful staff. In this sense, the modern world requires all those who fulfill tasks in the business sector, to be the leaders, because leadership is the key to successful and improving organizations (Allen, 2008).

About The Book
The book which needs to be analyzed in this project is “Managerial Leadership" written by Peter Topping. Thus, the book has identified a number of facts which can be helpful as guidance for effective leadership. It is a fact that effective management in the new millennium of competitive business environment needs a solid and efficient leadership skills for which the companies lacks to provide adequate training and development. There is a need for the Frameworks and top leadership tools for assessing leadership techniques, strengths for handling growth and change and thus, leads to make managerial leadership a veritable learning laboratory (Topping, 2001).

Thesis statement
The paper identifies how Peter has discussed The Role of effective management prevailing in competitive business environment in his book “Managerial Leadership”. Discussion and Analysis
The book identifies a number of elements which is necessary for manage an effective management strategy. Thus, Leadership can be broadly defined as the process of inspiring, coordinating, directing, mentoring and motivating, individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, societies, or nations toward achieving goals or results. Such a simple definition hides the reality that leadership as a concept is rife with complexity and debate (Allio, 2005). More important, leadership as a field of study is vast and can be a daunting domain of study for newcomers to the field. Part of the challenge for people studying and researching leadership is the high volume of leadership theories and perspectives available (Buus, 2005). Leadership in the new economy with its constant changes required to have an ability to adapt to new emerging business model, maintaining constancy of purpose and core values. This ability increases if the leaders make deliberate choices consistent with the values and beliefs of the company. Therefore, today’s struggling economy is in need of an effective leadership development strategy (Buus, 2005). A simple search of the word leadership will yield several thousand articles and publications on leadership written by academic scholars. As such, any attempt to define and summarize leadership will be a complex endeavor that will never fully capture and account for the concept of leadership. The aim of this encyclopedic entry, therefore, is to provide a general overview of leadership...
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