How to Dress Like a Scene Queen and Keep the Everyday Look

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  • Published : November 14, 2008
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You know everything about those gorgeous Scene Queens - Audrey Kitching, Jac Vanek, Ezi Xtacy, Katie Babyfayce, Kiki Kannibal etc, got your own MySpace page and even new Scene Pseudo, but now you need to dress the part! We'll show here how to be true to your Scene Queen roots and keep it in everyday look manner!

Scene Queen dress code is all about colour - shout your personality through the clothes you wear - All Over Print Hoodies, Skinny Fit T shirts, Wristbands and Leg Warmers! Don't be afraid to experiment with different patterns and colour combinations!

Latest Scene Queen craze has to be Zebra Stripe All Over Print Ladies Hoodie, so wild and very eye-catching, absolutely must-have Scene top - try one of these designs: White Zebra Stripe Hoodie, Grey Zebra Stripe Hoodie or very flattering and so much Royalty Colour Pink Zebra Stripe Hooded Jacket! You can wear it with Black, Purple Skinnies, tutu skirts or leggins.

Now, most important Scene Queen essentials - Accessories - the more the merrier! But remember, don't over-do the everyday Scene Queen look! You will need one or two quirky kitsch necklaces, hair bows or hair band, bangles and wristbands - try Stripe Wristbands - Black and White Stripe Scene Emo Wristband or funky Black and Red Stripe Scene Emo Wristband!

Complete the look with matching leg warmers - Black and White Stripe Knee High Scene Emo Leg Warmers or fantastic Black and White Chess Scene Emo Knee High Leg Warmers!

Now Your Scene Queen look is complete! For tips on How To Get Scene Emo Hair and How To Do Scene Emo Make Up, please check our Guides!
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