How to Draw Sd Characters by Hand

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How to draw SD characters by hand
"Super Deformation" or "SD" characters can draw easily by using 2 or 3 heads which is the ratio between the head and the entire character’s height. First, you must draw a draft of your character. You must draw 2 circles equally. One represent the head of the character and another is the body. If you use 1:3 ratio, you have to draw 3 circles. Second, you must draft out their hands and feet. I mean their posture. If your character bends their arms and legs, use curves instead of joint. Using curves will be more flexible than using joints, hence make your character more natural. Next, you can draft the outline of the body. Don’t forget to draw the eye position cross, and the center line of the body. This step will help you in checking whether the character is well balanced or not. You should use basic geometric shapes sparingly, especially circles and ovals.Fourth, you can draw out the face and because SD characters look childish. So, they must have big eyes that will make them cute. Then, you should roughly draw out the basic costume without adding details to it. However, you shouldn’t draw costumes that “stick” on the character’s body. Even it is tight, the costume has some thickness, so they don’t “stick” on the body entirely. After you finished all the draft, you can draw the arms, legs, hands, and legs or any exposed flesh. About the hands, don’t draw the fingers one by one. Because they looked a bit ugly if you didn’t draw it right. Instead, draw the hand and fingers as a whole, add lines for fingers afterwards. Finally, draw out the details of the costume. You can add some wrinkles to the costume if you want to, but not too much. They will make your picture messy.
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