How to Do a Successful Job Interview

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Job Interview Success
Are you looking for a job in this tough economic time? Have you applied at any companies lately? If so, you may be getting a call for an interview any day. If this happens, you need to know how to be successful in the interview from the start.

Knowing that you have applied to a company, and realizing that you may be getting a call for an interview, you initially need to get all of your references and letters of recommendation. Think of about three to six co-workers or former bosses that you believe will say good things about you, or that will say what your strengths are.

Once you receive the references and letters of recommendation, you then need to practice. “Practice what?” you may ask. Well, practice for your interview. Practicing for your interview leads to major improvements. Practice with your friend or family member and record the session. Doing this helps you look back at how well you did, and what areas you need to improve on.

While you are practicing your interview, you also need to make a list. List your skills, values, and interests. Also note what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you will benefit the company. Doing this not only will help you have answers for the interview, but it will also remind you of areas you may need to work on, and areas where you need to continue to succeed.

In an interview, first impressions are extremely important. It shows the interviewer and the company how serious you are in wanting this job. For starters, be clean and neat. Planning ahead of time as to what you are going to wear is key. Doing this puts less stress on you as time comes for the interview. It also insures that you don’t need to look last minute for an outfit, and so you know that what you will be wearing is appropriate for the interview. Avoid wearing excessive amounts of jewelry, perfume, or any other time of clothing or accessory that may be distracting to the interviewer.

Once you know what...
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