How to Do a Split

Topics: Stretching, Foot, Muscle Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: March 3, 2013
how to do a splitHow- To do a Split
Have you ever seen a graceful and beautiful dancer or maybe a slinky gymnast and said to yourself, "I can't do that!" Have you taken a dance class or maybe even taekwondo and been required to know how to do a split ? Or, maybe, you just wish if you could make a surprise for your friends during a party even though you are not very flexible? No worries! Follow this guide and, with a little patience, you may be able to do a flowing split. I think there are some people who don’t have any idea what this word “ Split” means at all. So I need first to explain them that the split is a very advanced flexibility exercise involving one leg straight out in front of you and the other straight behind you on the floor. It takes time and effort to really enhance your flexibility to be able to perform splits with both legs. It could take a few months to make it painless, but with my help you will be able to do it quite soon. First of all, you need to have roomy clothes. It is very important to wear such comfy clothes as: tracksuit or some other stretchy. You want your legs to be in a split, but not your pants! Besides, you should wear some socks on a soft surface to have freedom in your ankles so that your feet can move freely. Another step is warming up. It is important that your muscles be warm. Not doing so may cause injury, unhappily ,but I know it well by my unfortunate experience, so jog for 5 minutes or an active, fast walk for 10 minutes is adequate. Remember to keep yourself hydrated, bring a bottle of water with you. Now you are ready for training.The greatest way to get your split is to move through a series of different stretches, from simple to advanced. It is important not to rush anything or to use any abrupt motions. It would be terrible to pull a tendon or injure something, so take your time. Focus on stretching all muscle groups in your legs, however it is advisable to slowly stretch your...
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