How to Do a Hip-Toss

Topics: Want, Wrestling, Grappling Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: May 19, 2013
I. Introduction
A. Have you ever wanted to throw or slam someone
B. I will be demonstrating how to do a hip toss
C. To correctly do this throw you will need a subject to preform move on and in your wrestling stannic.

II. Body
A. First you must be prepared to do the move, to prepare for this move like all wrestling moves it needs to be set up before being performed on the subject. 1. A good set up is the under hook

a. To start the under hook you will need take your forearm and press it down firm on subjects neck b. In that next instant with your free arm come under the arm pit closest to your hand. c. Keep tight on arm that is griped and pressure on head d. Make sure your hips are away from subject.

B. When you are ready, you must close the distance between you and the subject to perform the next part of the move. 1. As you close the distance between you and subject shift yourself in a way so that your hip is to subjects’ hip that you have the arm and head locked on. C. Next while you are hip to hip to subject you will finish the move and pin subject. 1. You will place one foot in between the inside of subjects’ legs 2. Next while kicking your leg back pull the subject over you hip to the ground. a. You must fall with subject and land on him or her

b. DON’T BE AFRAID TO FALL when you do this.
3. After doing this stay on subject chest
a. You want to be perpendicular with subject’s body, lift head, squeeze tight, lean back slowly until the opponents shoulders are both touching the mat, 4. Finally wait for the referee to give your points or call pin. III. Conclusion

A. In conclusion I have just taught you how to do a Hip Toss
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