How to Do a Good Interview

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  • Published : March 12, 2009
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Many people in our society always think about being success in an interview and getting a good job; especially finding a certain company they want to work for is all base on their knowledge of things. Wrong! It is not all based on how much knowledge you get from a private school, or a famous college. You may be the smartest student in your class, have more A’s then any of your friends, but if you walk in to an interview unprepared, do not do your research ahead about the company, dress unprofessional or not fit in the environment, and last but not least you have no reason to tell them why they should hire you. You will not get the job. Many people are still struggling on finding the right steps to have a successful interview. Here is one of the three most important steps you must know to be able to success in an interview. Step one do your research about the company try to gather as much information as you could. First research the company environment so you could dress nicely to fit the environment. For example find out the company’s main color, if not base on the color of the company’s logo. It is so helpful for you to wear a suitable outfit that fit the company environment of working and matched their main color to show them your respect to the company. Secondly research the people, who are interviewing you, you may use the search the engines such as Google or even the company website if they have the staff information on their website. As a more detail search for the interviewer’s name and his/her hobbies, like and dislike. It is so much easier if you know about the interviewer information, so you know how to make a good impression toward the interviewer, what not to do in front of him/her. Lastly bring snippets about the company up during the interview to show your knowledge and specifically the business unit or department. A good example would be choose a department you decide to work for, know good about every information of it, from the strong point to...
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