How to Die Anthem Poem Analysis

Topics: Siegfried Sassoon, Suffering, Rhyme Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: April 26, 2013
How to die (1886-1967) Siegfried Sassoon

I believe that this poem is about the pain and suffering that Siegfried felt during the war. This poem says about the good old days for him when there was peace and quiet. Where there is no blood and pain. He talks about how the enemies made them suffer and how he hated them for killing him and therefore it shows that he was in the war when we were losing. He talks about how when he a killed a man he felt he was finally at peace probably because he was no longer a part of the war.

The skills he used I think was similes, for example “and sullen faces as white as chalk”, metaphors, for example “dark clouds are smouldering into red”, it rhymes .for example “ like Christian soldiers; not with haste” and “with dude regard for decent taste” and finally it uses personification, for example “ where holy brightness breaks into flame” and not only has he used these skills he has also made it emotional so that the reader feels sorry for him even though he has killed a man.

Anthem for a doomed youth (1893-1928) Wilfred Owen

I believe that this poem is about how war is ruining the land, for example “what passing-bells for these who die as cattle? – only the monstrous anger of guns”, it explains how the war does nothing good but it only destroys everything. It shows that this man did not like or want the war and he might have only been a farmer who was unfairly taken to war. Its also saying how shall shine holy glimmers of goodbye which means that he could have been a Christian.

The skills he used I think were that it rhymed, for example “what passing-bells for these who die as cattle?” and “only the shuttering rifles rapid rattle”, they used alliteration, for example “ rapid rattle”, he used hyphen, for example “–only the monstrous anger of guns”
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