How to Develop Good Relationships?

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  • Published : August 11, 2012
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As we are living in a huge world, we have to maintain good relations with others and try always to maintain this relation in different situations. Because of that, we have to learn the steps that can make our relations strong and maintain for a long time; also we should learn how to avoid making different problems with others. What are those steps? How to avoid problems? All of those will be found here. There are a lot of steps we can do to maintain our relations; but actually, we can shorten all these ideas to five golden steps. First, to keep in touch with people is very important because keeping in touch will simplify the process of communication with others and make your relation with people very easy. Second, if we understand the personalities of others, we will always communicate with them easily and feel comfort during our talk, which will help us to avoid problems with folk is a very good step. Third, you have to be trustworthy, that will make people feel happy, safety and comfort while dealing with you. Fourth, if needed, do what you can to help others. People like the helpful person. Finally, manage your time and try to spend more time around people; talk with them, make eye contact and smile, ask them out for lunch and be a good friend. After following those steps, you should learn how to fit different problems with others correctly. As you know "the blind cannot lead the blind". Because of this, when you have problem with someone try to fix it by yourself, do not ask anyone else to solve your problems; you're the only one who can understand your needs and those close to you too. For example, if you have a problem with your wife or husband, try to solve it inside the home and don’t ask your friend or neighbor to help you because they don't know what is going on and they may make things more difficult. Also when you have any problem with friends, you have to solve it quietly. If the problem is difficult and you cannot solve it -like getting divorce-,...
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