How to Determine Genuine Philippine Money?

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Steps in recognizing genuine BSP banknotes
Version 1 and 2

1. Paper
-the genuine note is printed on a special kind of paper which is rough when we run our fingers through it. 2. Watermark
-is the shadow of the portrait appearing on the face of the note. 3. Security fibers
-embedded red and blue visible fibers are scattered at random on both surfaces of the note. 4. Embedded security thread
-special thread vertically implanted off center of the face of the note. It can easily be seen when the note is viewed against the light. It appears broken line for 5, 10 and 20 and straight line for 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000. 5. Windowed security thread

-narrow thread vertically located like “stitches” at the face of the note with clear text of the numerical value printed in repeated sequence and stripe changes color from magenta to green or green to magenta depending on the angle of view. 6. Iridescent band

-a wide glistering gold vertical with the numerical value printed in series available in the version 2 of the banknote. 7. Portrait
-appears life-like. The eye “sparkle”.
8. Serial number
-composed of 1 or 2 prefix letters and 6 to 7 digit numbers. The letters and numerals are uniform in size and thickness, evenly spaced and well-aligned. 9. Lacework design
-made up of multicolored and well defined lines, composed of web-crisscrossing lines which are continuous and traceable even at the intersection. 10. Value panel
-the numerals denoting the denomination of the note.
11. Fluorescent printing
-the invisible numeral value located off center of the face of the note that glows when exposed to ultraviolet light. 12. Micro printing
-minute and finely printed words “ Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas “ located at the face or back of the note that are clearly printed and readable. 13. Concealed value
-located at the lower left corner of the face of the note and is recognizable when the note is held at eye level. 500 pesos

14. Optically variable ink
-changes color from green to blue or blue to green when the note is held at different angles. 15. Blind code
16. Colors

Micro printing for 1000 is located beside the OVI.
Micro printing for 500 is located below the SN above the CV. Micro printing for 200 is located above the lacework design. Micro printing for 100 is located at the 4th floor of CB building.

Heroes noted for their struggle for independence:

President MANUEL L. QUEZON (20-piso bill). He was proclaimed President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines after winning the first national elections in 1935. He worked tirelessly to gain recognition for the Philippines as an independent nation, foster political stability, build up national defense, and strengthen the economy. He was also well known as the father of the national language, Filipino.

President SERGIO OSMEÑA (50-piso bill). He led the Philippines during the critical stage of the transition as an independent nation. He succeeded President Quezon to the presidency-in-exile in 1944, following the untimely death of President Quezon. He returned to the Philippines in the same year with General Douglas MacArthur and the liberation forces in what was known as the Leyte Landing.

World War II heroes who exemplified martyrdom, selflessness and bravery for the sake of the Filipino people and the country (1000-piso bill):

JOSEFA LLANES ESCODA was a social worker, educator, advocate of women’s suffrage, founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, and newspaper editor. She showed extraordinary courage by helping prisoners of war during the Japanese occupation. For this, she and her husband Antonio were killed before the end of the war. Brigadier General

VICENTE P. LIM was the first Filipino West Point graduate; he became Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army. Initially wounded in action along with Escoda’s husband, he directed guerilla activities from his hospital bed during World War II. He was eventually...
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