How to Deal with People You Can't Stand

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Good morning everyone. My name is Amanda and they are my group members Chen, Mah, Kelvin and Wani. Today we’re going to talk about how to deal with people you can’t stand. We all know that there is at least one in everyone’s lives, and let’s be honest we probably are that person in someone else’s life at some point or another. One of the simplest ways to deal with people you can’t stand is to avoid them but unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Whether it’s your combative brother or your whiny friends, you’ll probably have to interact with someone who pisses you off. Luckily there are different strategies and few tips on handling annoying people without you going crazy. Adjust your own attitude may sound silly but one of the best way to handle people is to take a step back and change your own attitude. It sounds difficult especially in these days but try to change the way you view everything. If someone offended you, try to visualize that person as a toddler without any knowledge instead of feeling personally attacked. Next is to lend an ear. This is best to handle whiners and complainers, if you are stuck dealing with people like them; it’s best to just listen at first. Most whiners like to whine things that are wrong to make their concerns feel justified. Once they whined for awhile, restate their complaints and ask them to think of solutions to their problems so they knew you were listening. If they can’t come out with any ideas encourage them to spit out even it’s unrealistic, more than likely they will think of something and they wont have anything left to whine. Sometimes ignoring is effective in the right moments. When you respond, you give them a reason to continue their behavior. If you just ignore them, they have no choice but to see out someone else. In this way, it hints them about their behavior and helps them to do some self-reflection. Showing kindness is another way to handle people. Sometimes, people...
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