How to Deal with Anxiety by Changing Your Attitude

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  • Published : May 17, 2012
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How to Deal with Anxiety by Changing Your Attitude

Day in and day out, We find our attitudes can shift from moments of sheer empowerment to utter helplessness. This is normal. Everyone at some point their lives has experienced anxiety. We base so much of our feelings on things outside ourselves, matters we cannot usually control. Consequently our attitude becomes eroded under false pretenses. We begin to live a lie. We accept an existence where we are always anxious, never feeling empowered or able to do things the way we want to. We become hollow and disenchanted with the way this world works: all because things don’t go our way. This is the nature of anxiety.

Why does this happen? Simply, we neglect to acknowledge our personal resources many times. The mind is a powerful thing and it creates our perceived reality. It isn’t fun at all to live in anxiety. It’s a desperate state to be in, constantly compelled to consider the myriad of issues with life: frustrations with love, regrets from my past, an undying fear of failure and perhaps worst of all, the feeling that one is always one step away from losing it all…But what’s really happening? What are we really looking for when our thoughts began to race?

Fact is, negative thought patterns are rarely a case of ignorance. I’m sure if anyone took the time to evaluate their own negative habits and behaviors, they can find real connections between their attitudes and their perceived needs. It is our nature as humans to fulfill certain desires. The problem comes when our desires (and the brains that house them) become tainted with negative influences. Our mental attitudes these days are so easily manipulated. Factors like instant gratification, lust and infatuation, fear, and doubt can all cause us to be mentally predisposed to cynicism and anxiety. Broken hearts, disaster or trauma, utter disappointment, they can each ruin your mindset if you allow them to. So the challenge becomes recognizing and...
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