How to Cure a Cold

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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Did you ever have cold? I’m sure you do. Do you know the ways to cure it? If you don’t then here are some ways you can cure a cold. Some people don’t even know if they have cold or not. So let’s talk about the symptoms first. The most common symptoms of cold are running nose, cough, and blocked nose. Whereas there are some other symptoms of colds like sneezing, sore throat, fatigue, watery eyes, and lower fewer. There are so many ways to cure it. Water vapors and hot baths are the most common home cures because the virus is susceptible to hot, high temperatures, so in most cases it is possible that the steam can kill the viruses in your body that are giving birth to a cold. Other most popular ways to cure cold is liquid. Liquid is cure of a sore throat. Consume many liquids as you can, drink a lot of water, juices or other drinks because liquids prevents throat from drying, and helps glands to remain open. Liquid is really valuable in case of fever. But avoid drinking things that have caffeine like coffee, sodas, and alcohol, because caffeine dehydrates our body.

The other most common home cure of cold is drinking hot soups. Many people prefer warm chicken soups in case of cold because as we all know chicken is good source of protein and where protein helps build antibodies which give our body strength to fight against viruses, it also keeps our body hydrated. It also reduces the swelling of the nasal cavities. The next cure is very common which is relaxing and having a good sleep. You need to get good sleep in order to see best performance of your body against viruses. According to the experts you should stay at home in case of fever and relax for two days in a warm environment. Taking rest will definitely make you feel so much better. Did you ever wonder how people in old times cure their cold? In old times people wash their mouth with salt water in order to cure the cold. This cure is still very successful and useful. Try washing your mouth with salt...
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