How to Cook a Special Dish from My Culture

Topics: Water, Boiling, Cooking Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: June 24, 2012
Special food from my culture is “Soto Betawi”.1 The taste of “Soto Betawi” is very delicious and many people like this food.2 “Soto Betawi” is made from meat and coconutmilk, we need some cooking spices too like pepper, kemiri, ginger, lengkuas, red onion, garlic, daun salam, daun jeruk nipis, citronella and cooking oil to fry some cooking spices.3 Now, I want to give you steps to cook it.4 First, boil water (more or less 3 liters) until boiling and go into the meat to the water that has been cut and cleaned.5 During waiting the meat ripe, refine some cooking spices like pepper, ginger, kemiri, and garlic.6 Afterwards, bruise citronella and lengkuas and than slice red onion.7 Second, heat cooking oil in the wok and go into red onion which have been sliced until the colour of red onion become yellowish.8 Afterwards, go into cooking spices which have been refined until aromatic and then go into daun jeruk nipis, daun salam, citronella, and lengkuas too.9 After those, all of cooking spices go into the water and meat until infiltrating to meat.10 Third, go into coconut milk to the mix of water, meat, and cooking spices and wait until this food has been boiled and cooked.11 After the food has riped, poured it into a bowl.12 If you like leek, you can add it which has been sliced.13 You can add “sambal” too, if you like spicy.14 Finally, “Soto Betawi already to serve.15
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