How to Cook

Topics: Cooking, Baking, Cakes Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: May 29, 2013
When I first started cooking on my own, I found out that no ingredient lasts forever. Specific Example: One afternoon I was making a pound cake because my cousin Ashley was about to have her second baby at Trinity Hospital. I measured all my ingredients perfectly and put the cake in the oven for an hour and a half. I didn’t check on it while it was baking because I knew I had measured out everything right. When it was done, I pulled the cake out and was surprised to see that the middle was sunken in. I checked all my ingredients and found that the baking powder had expired. I had to run out to Bi-Lo and make the whole pound cake over again.

2. When I started shopping for groceries on my own, I bought a lot of canned goods that I thought would never expire.
Specific Example: One night I was making dinner for my boyfriend Tyrone and was going to make white rice with canned tomatoes on top. I started to open the tomatoes and found that the expiration date on the label indicated that the tomatoes should have been used two years previously.

3. I also noticed that sometimes the expiration date was an undecipherable code, which meant that I had to call the manufacturing company to see if the ingredient had expired or not.
Specific Example: One afternoon I was buying a can of green beans for a casserole recipe, and the date was not on the can, but a code was. I could not call the company because it was the weekend and none of the customer service representatives were answering the phone. As a result, I had to change my dinner menu and wait until Monday morning to find out if I could still use the canned beans.

B. Topic sentence/Supporting Point #2: Another aggravating aspect of cooking is my bad habit of misplacing recipes for special occasions.
1. I have always done a lot of cooking and baking over the Christmas holidays, and not being able to find a favorite recipe can be so annoying.
Specific Example: When I was eighteen years old, I started...
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