How to Classify Your Professor

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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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Every college student has put their professor in a classification system, the cool ones, the bi-polar ones, and the evil ones. Some of the teachers you can tell which category they fall in from appearance or their actions, but some are tricky. For example, on the first day school all the teachers tend to be the, “The Cool Ones,” but of course that is just a cover up for the first two week of school. After that, that is when you see their true colors and find out who they are really. When it comes to trying to find out if that student has the cool professor, it is quite simple. For instance, he/she does not mind helping out a student after class, if they do not understand something. Or the professor will reteach something in class if the student does not understand it. The cool ones are way more patient with their students and more understanding. Now the cool ones still stick to the rules and do their job, but still maintain a good relationship with their students. Now what most students usually receive are the Bi-Polar professors, which are the ones who are one minute cool and next their extra fern. With this kind of professor, students need to watch out. Sometimes they tend to lead students on to think that everything is fine and that they will help them. When in reality it is the complete and utter opposite, they come off cool to students in the beginning. Then all of a sudden; they do a whole 360. It is like they turn into a complete stranger, and then it is downhill from there. Knowing the types of professors; helps the students to learn how to handle them and still maintain good grades.
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