How to Change Your Vehicles Oil

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  • Published : March 4, 2008
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How to change your vehicle oil
Informative Speech
A.When you're driving down the road and that mileage reading on your dashboard reaches 3000 what do you? The first thing that pops in your head is there goes another 50 dollars for an oil change. There are about 450 million cars that travel the streets and roads of the world (Automobile). B.Almost everyone that owns a vehicle has had to take their vehicle in to a mechanic to get their oil change on their car. But there's another way to do this its called "DO IT YOURSELF". C.I've been doing my own oil changes since I've owned my first vehicle. As well as every other vehicle that the own would allow me to do it on. D.I will be explaining the steps on changing the oil on your vehicle every 3 thousand miles. II.Body.

A.Tips and Warnings:
i.Consult your owner's manual or an automotive parts specialist to find out the weight of oil and type of oil filter your car needs. ii.You will need the year, make, model, and mileage of your car if you go to an auto parts store. iii.Make sure the car is securely supported before you crawl underneath. iv.You will need two jack stands to support the front of your car after jacking it up. v.Never get under a car that is supported only by a jack!

B.Getting Ready:
i.Step 1: Gather necessary tools and materials. If you plan to change your oil regularly, consider investing in jack stands, a socket set and oil drain pan. ii.Step 2: Run the car's engine for 10 minutes before you drain the oil. Warm ail drains faster than cold oil. iii.Step 3: Park the car on a level surface, engage the parking brake and turn off the engine. If your car has a low clearance, raise it by driving it onto a ramp or by jacking it up and supporting it securely. iv.Step 4: Open the hood and place the new oil and funnel on top of the engine to ensure that you don't forget to add oil afterwards. C. Draining the Oil and Changing the Oil Filter:

i.Step 1: Crawl under the car...
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