How to Change Car Oil

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I. Introduction

a) You’re driving down the road when you notice a light turn on your dashboard; it’s your change oil light. As you keep driving thinking about whether or not you want to cause you don’t want to mess up your car. Throughout many years oil change shops recommended an oil change every 3000 to 5000 miles because substances like dust, metallic shaving, and even antifreeze get whipped into the oil forming sludge; which will stick to parts of your engine, causing engine failure. b) When you pull over to a mechanic shop and ask them how much they charge for an oil change. You leave shocked by the 50 dollar charge thinking bout all the other ways you could have spent them 50 bucks wisely or at your convenience. Well now I’m about to show you a way that is quick, safe and inexpensive to change car oil on your own and save you a couple bucks. c) Since I’ve been growing up my dad has been doing all kinds of mechanic work on our cars and I’ve always been by his side to see what I learn and trust me changing car oil was one of the easiest and inexpensive things I learned. d) I will explain to you three simple ways to change car oil which are gathering the material, draining the oil and removing the filter, adding new oil and filter. (Transition)-Now let’s start with the simplest thing, gathering your materials...

II. Body

a) Gathering the equipment
1. First of all you will need to see the owner’s manual for information on what kind of oil your car motor needs and go to your nearest car part suppliers to buy the oil, oil filter and an oil pan. 2. You will need a jack to be able to work safely under the car a) You can use a jack with two safety jack stands

b) You can also use car ramps to prop your car up.
3. You also need the socket wrench to remove the drain plug, an oil filter wrench and a funnel to avoid a mess when adding the new oil. 4. You also need an oil pan and some old rags for and spills....
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