How to Burn Calories

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The most effective way to burn calories is to exercise aerobically. Aerobic training is the only form of exercise that uses two sources of energy (carbohydrates and fat) and burns the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time. You are exercising aerobically when your heart and lungs are able to supply enough oxygen to the working muscles to continue constant contractions and a constant oxygen uptake for 20 minutes or longer. The simple formula for finding your aerobic zone is to take your age, subtract that from the maximum heart rate of a human being (220), then take 70 to 85 percent of that total. We will use a 40-year-old as an example.

Age =40
220 - 40 = 180
180 x .70 = 126
180 x .85 = 153

* This person’s aerobic zone is 126 - 153 beats per minute*
***If you are out of shape start at 60 to 75 percent of your maximum heart rate (220 - age).*** As you get in better shape , you can increase your percentages.

The Surgeon General advises us that, to be healthy, we need to exercise at least three to four times a week, in aerobic zone, for 20-30 minutes. That standard is to simply keep a healthy ticker, not to lose body fat by burning calories. We could not tell you how many people have we have heard say, “ I exercise three times a week for 20 minutes and I’m not losing weight.” This is why.

When you exercise, your body’s first source of energy is carbohydrates (blood sugar0. All carbohydrates (except fiber) whether they are in the form of potatoes ( complex carbohydrates) or a candy (simple carbohydrates), turn into glucose (blood sugar) once they enter the bloodstream. The body doesn’t discriminate-- sugar is sugar. Insulin, (which controls where blood sugar is stored) is a hormone whose task is to convert glucose to glycogen (the stored form of sugar) which is stored in the liver and muscles. At a later time, the...
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