How to Build a Fire

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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How to Build a Fire
Fire can be destructive or helpful, depending on how you want it to be. Fire has been around ever since recorded time. It has helped keep people warm during the seasons and provide edible food. Building fires can be very frustrating or easy. Many factors go into building a fire; location, materials, and weather. There are 5 critical steps for building a fire; finding a location, gathering materials, setting up the wood, starting the fire, and maintaining it, and most of these steps have a process inside themselves that will increase the chances of building a successful fire. A fire is complicated to build and maintain, but with the right guidance and correct procedure, anyone can accomplish this goal.

Choosing the location can be the life or death of a fire. Wind, rain, and wet ground can kill a fire as soon as you start it. Location is the most important step and one must choose the right place for a fire to work. Avoiding windy areas is required, because the wind will blow out your match before you can even get it close to the wood. You can compensate for this by creating a wind block, such as yourself or a wall. It is important to not make a fire right next to a tree because you might accidently burn the tree down. If it is raining you need to find a shelter, but make sure the fire can get enough air. A good place for a location if it is raining is under a rock overhang. There the roof will protect you from the weather, but air will be constantly going in and out and giving life to the fire. Fires need air to exist, so choose an open place where the air is moving a little. If the ground is wet try to create a platform for your fire, such as a log or a piece of bark. You will build your fire on top of that platform.

Next you will need to gather materials for your fire. The first thing you need is matches or a lighter. This is a necessity because that is your source of fire. You will now need to gather wood, which is divided into...
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