How to Build a Backyard Kennel

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How to Build a Backyard Kennel?
By Kimberly Mathis

The most important thing, about building a backyard kennel, is what size, what strength and what features are needed for your dog. What is a backyard dog kennel? A backyard dog kennel is a small, fenced - in area used to contain your dog. It is an area used to keep your dog safe and contained while outdoors. It is not recommended that your dog stay in the kennel permanently. In fact, dog psychologists recommend that you allow your dog time inside as well.

What size do you need? Well, what size is your dog? If you have a small dog, you won't have to build a big yard. The larger the dog, the bigger the yard. A yard has to be big enough for your dog to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom. A dog will not soil the area where he eats. This is very important because if you have a large dog and you put him in a small kennel, he has nowhere to eat and do his business. The size of your dog, also, depends on how strong you need to make it. You also need to ask yourself “How long is my dog going to stay in this kennel?” As I mentioned before, it is not a good idea to make the kennel your dog's permanent home. It causes anxiety in your dog. It also causes behavioral differences in your dog.

Okay, let's get started. First, you will need to get supplies. Now most of the supplies can be bought at a local feed store or a local hardware store. You will need the following: Wooden Support Poles. You want these poles to be 6 ft high and at least 4 inches at the base. Unless you have a big dog, then you want to go taller with the posts. We don't want the dog to jump out of his cage and cause a unpleasant mess. U-nails is also required. These will help hold your fence in place. You will also need fencing. The experts prefer you to use portable metal fencing. You will need a gate for your kennel. This gate needs to be heavy and with a latch. That way your pooch can't push it open and escape....
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