How to Build Positive Relationship with Close Friends or Old Buddies

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How to build positive relationship with close friends or old buddies

According to Ronnie Nijmeh, even the best relationships can be challenging, therefore we must find some methods to maintain a good relationship with close friends. Also, we usually find our best friends during the secondary school period.

Even you two are best friend; there are still many challenges that affect the relationship between you two.

For example, when you two face a new situation, saying that going to a new school or different universities, you certainly reduce much opportunities to have a face to face contact with your friends because each of you will be busier and you will make new friends respectively. We need to try our best to maintain a close contact with close friends.

Firstly, according to Lesley Petersen, the trainer of personal development, she points out that appreciating the time spent with close friends are the key. That means the most important thing is to have a regular gathering or meeting with your close friends. No matter how busy you are, this is the must you need to do. Only under this situation, you can hear the recent daily life from your friends and more understanding on his/ her updated news. This is the golden chance for you to share your happiness or difficulties. Also, it is the only method making you get closer with your friends as the contact on Face book or SMS cannot serve such function. Only the face to face contact can impress you and let you feel warm.

Secondly, as you two are best friend, faith is one of the important factors contributing to a healthy relationship. Close friends need not to deliberately find some common topics or superficial things to talk with. Try to express your inner feelings to your close friends and need not to be embarrassing, therefore your friends can feel your true heart and the relationship can be long lasting. We need to frank with our close friends even we have some discontent with her/ him or they have...
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