How to Build Muscle

Topics: Physical exercise, Muscle, Exercise Pages: 4 (883 words) Published: March 24, 2012
How to Build Muscle

1. Develop a Technique

Learn the proper way to do each exercise whether it is pushups or weight training. Developing a solid technique will maximize the workout and strengthen the muscles. Strength training is a method that should not be overlooked because it allows a person to start with minimal weight and add more weight as they progress. This builds more muscle which in turn builds more strength.

2. Machines vs. Free Weights

Those weightlifting machines that are for sale on the television are ridiculous and a waste of money. Resistance training is vital for building muscle. Resistance training includes: - Stretch bands

- Free weights
- Using body weight such as push ups
This type of training increases strength and power because the muscles are working against the resistance; this not only builds muscle but also develops stronger bones. Using free weights forces the arms to balance the weight, whereas machines are fixed into place and add no real benefit other than the actual weight itself.

3. Full Body Workout

Before taking part in isolation exercises, consider a full body workout. Most isolation workouts are only effective until a solid foundation has been built, which means that a good portion of muscle mass has already formed. A full body workout builds muscle throughout the body and includes exercises such as: - Bench Press

- Pull-ups
- Overhead Press
- Squats

4. Legs are Important

Squats and deadlifts are an important and fundamental exercise for building muscle throughout the body, not just in the legs. While doing squats, the entire body tenses and flexes, thus working other muscles. Also, deadlifts strengthen muscles in the back, which can help eliminate back pain and improve other aspects of a person’s life.

5. Compound vs. Isolation

As mentioned already, isolation exercises are one method to continue building muscle after mass has already been built. Until then, focus on compound...
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