How to Build More Positive Relationships with Children

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I believe that understanding of the ways in which children develop plays an important role

in bringing up children

It In this essay basing on the research evidences from the course study materials. I am

going to examine the importance of understanding child's development. II will demonstrate

how understanding of the ways in which children develop can help to build positive

relationships and how this knowledge can help them develop social and emotional skills and

improve family life. I will also demonstrate importance of open communication between

careers with children in deferent age groups.

A child’s ability to develop good relationships is important step on the way to getting the best

out of their lives. It is important to form this close relationships right from the start. Forming
good relationships is also important for childs wellbeing and self-esteem. Every child need a

group of loyal supporters who can understand they needs and who they can trust most. Family also plays an important role in developing their social and emotional skills. Communication

with babies is very main part of their development. Through facial expression, noises and

movement child is discovering the world. Rai and Flynn (2004,p.27) states that ,, The

conversations that babies' have with their mothers, it is important in that it introduces babies

to the patterns in their language and establishes familiar routines for them“.

A good example is Mia, she is the youngest one in the case study family and through play

with her older sister Daisy and brother Ryan, is developing her skills. Rai and Flynn (2004,

p.28) state that, ,, All of the children are musical and I can see Mia following in their

footsteps. She really listen when Daisy is singing, and even when Ryan plays his fiddle“.

Mia's family can recognize her range of emotions. For example Ryan knows that when their

mum gave Mia milk she topped crying. Daisy together with parents know her's difference

cries - for attention, when hungry or when need a cuddle.

From positive relationships they can learn how to communicate with others. Honest

communication also plays a important role in forming band of trust, Rain and Flynn ( 2004, p.

41) state that : , For babies and young children, relationship begin with personal kind and are

usually with members of the family. Child psychologist who study these relationships have

concluded that the quality of them is important for children's future emotional wellbeing'.

Charlotte from case study family ( DVD, 2007 band 2), who is 2 years old and comes from

broken family Charlotte with her mum Emma and brother stayed in temporary

accommodation for broken families. It has been unsettling for her. They moved twice in one

year. Parents separation and luck of attention shows that she has got attitude problem and is

unable to form close relationship with her mum left a mark on her behavior. The strange

situation test DVD band 2 shows that Emma's limited understanding of childs development

and traumatic start , left mark on her behavior. Charlotte seems insecure and unsure if her mum loves her, she has got problem with approaching mum . Rai and Flynn ( 2007, p42)

states that: , people's lack of readiness to be parents and stressful circumstances surrounding

their lives can influence the relationships they have with children". After getting help from a

play therapist . Charlotte mother decided to start to rebuild their relationship.

Ryan's 4 years old, from the case study family, shows a common problem which in this case

is unhappy bedtimes, he doesn't want to go to bed and stay in all night. His parents are

worried that he will be...
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