How to Build an Amplifier

Topics: Capacitor, Low-pass filter, Inductor Pages: 128 (28183 words) Published: May 23, 2013
SEPTEMBER 1967 1 $250





Superb Frequency Stability Continuous Duty Operation Crystal Clear Signal Quality

Midsize Masterpiece! The deluxe IC-751A includes more high performance features and professional circuitry per cubic inch than any other HF transceiver. Its smooth-assilk operation and long-term reliability produce the ideal contesting. DX'ing, mobiling and portable rig. Owning an IC-75 1A truly means "Going First Class!" Unsurpassed Ouality and Reliability. Quality and Reliability is important to you and it's important to iCOM. lCOM now covers you and your investment with its exclusive

one year warranty. There's more! The IC-75iA's receiver boasts lO5dB dynamic range for superb listening. The 100%duty cycle transmitter defies abuse and delivers 100 watts of exceptionally stable and clean RF output. Reliability. Ouality. One year warranty. That's ICOM. All Bands. All Modes Included. Operates 160 through 10 meters, it's easily modified for MARS operation. plus it includes general coverage reception from IOOkHz to 30MHz. NO compromise, no comparison! 32 Tunable Memories. Store both frequency and mode information. Use them to quick-access your favorite spots or as 32 preferred frequency-remembering VFOs.

speech processor and tone control to produce sparkling clear audio. PLUS there's a new rubberized tuning knob for velvet-smooth tuning and a full line of accessories and filters. RF Power Control. Varies output independent of mic gain. ALC and speech processor action. Enjoy maximum "talk power" at any drive level! To see the IC-751A, contact your local ICOM dealer.

ICOM America. Inc.. 2380-116th Ave NE, Bellevue. WA 98004 Customer Senlce Hotlns 454-7619 3150 Premier Drive. Suite 126. Irving, TX 75063 / 1777 Phoenix Parkway. Suite 201. Atlanta. GA 30349 ICOM CANADA. A Division of ICOM America. Inc.. 3 7 1 #S Road. Unit 9.Richmond. B.C. V6X 2T4 Canada -- . .



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All ICOM radios stgn~l~canlly exceed FCC regulallons lhrn818ng spurlous ernlrslonr



That's right! Now all Kantronics packet units' include the Personal Packet Mailbox", come with 3 K RAM, and are TCP/IP 2 Networking compatible - A L A NO E T A CHARGE. And L T XR there's m e . . . KAM and K C owners" - you can add the Packet Mailbox P and TCP/IP compatibility for the special low price of just $15.00. At Kantronics we're committed to keeping you current. Check below and see - we offer more features and the best customer support around. This low cost/high performance Kantronics T C features a built-in HF/VHF modem, the Personal Packet N Mailbox, full duplex operation, and multiple connect capability.The serial RS232/m port allows easy interfacing with all computers, even Commodores. KPC-2 is TCP/IP Networking compatible, includes 3 K RAM, and uses only five front panel 2 indicatorsforeasyoperation.Likeall Kantronicsunits,KPC-2is fully compatible with existing TNCs. KAM is the fully programmable All Mode unit that lets you operate WF Packet, HF Packet, CW/RTTY/ASCII/ and AMTOR. But that's not all . . . Only KAM's dual WF/HF radio ports work together for AE A simultaneousConnects,Digipeoting,andWF/HF G T W Y operations.And now KAM isTCP/IPNetworkingcompatible, comes with 32KRAM. and hasthePersonal Packet Mailbox ALL STANDARD. KAM includes watchdog timers on each port, an RS232F serial port, and a borgraph tuning indicator for H operation. KAM even comes with an external modem F connection point for optional 2400 b/s packet operation. For the greatest degree of sensitivity and flexibility, turn to KAM, Kantronics All Mode. Only KPC-4features simultaneous Connects, Digipeating, and Goteway functions on two fully functional WF radio ports - each of which...
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