How to Break a Bad Habit

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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Everyone has some type of bad habit. Now granted, some people have less than others and some bad habits are more

destructive than others. More importantly there are two types of bad habits that everyone needs to recognize; the habits that are known and the habits which are unknown. Regardless of the type, bad habits usually hinder an individual from living a long happy, healthy and successful life. Eventually all habits will become automatic. Often they are carried out subconsciously.

Seldom do people realize bad habits are consequently harmful until health, friends, and entire families have left them. Their ludicrous and selfish actions need to stop for the benefit and health of everyone. Now taking into account the several steps to eliminate bad habits from personal lives there are only three that are so crucial. These are identifying the habit, taking action with support, if needed and being persistent.

The first step is to personally identify the bad habit. If the habit is unknown ask someone who is at least a friend to expose it. Make certain they are open, honest and trust worthy. Although obtaining the courage to ask, may be difficult and embarrassing ask anyway because it is easier to end it now rather than later. Be gracious and do not be defensive once they have shared their opinions. Now these habits will be the known habits, the habits good friends and family members have noticed for years and were waiting to tell you about. These known habits are sometimes the toughest to discuss because to a great extent they affect family and friends more, while pride stands in the way. However before one plans on breaking a bad habit there must be a strong personal motive for change in the first place. Removing unwanted habits not only influence...
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