How to Bounce Back from Adversity

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How to Bounce Back from Adversity
Renee’ Baker
PSS301: Work Life & Career

1. Give an example of how you turned a negative experience into a positive one.

In order to turn a negative experience into a positive one is to counter adversity with resilience; that is taking charge of how we think about adversity. The first step is to have a plan of action, then respond to that plan otherwise called response oriented thinking. I was employed with my previous company for six years. Initially, I started off as your typical receptionist, and then subsequently I was promoted three times. During my time with the company, I climbed the corporate ladder vigorously, positioning me as the assistant to the vice president during my last three and a half years. I was in my glory, feeling self-confident and looking forward to whatever came next. Unfortunately, the failing economy not only failed our business, forcing us to close, but it also turned my optimism into pessimism. After numerous interviews and no luck, I was running low on resources, fearing the perception of the business world around me. I needed another plan of action, and that’s exactly what I did. I took my challenge and turned it into an opportunity. Instead of seeking out positions for which I had done for the last six years, I broadened my outlook and sought out new career developments. This directed me to the hospitality industry which eventually led me to restaurant management. If I had continued to limit myself to a dereliction corresponding chain of events, I would have never succumbed to a more resourceful outcome.

2. What tactics do you use to counter adversity?
According to “How to Bounce Back from Adversity”, effective leaders use three lenses to view adverse events to make them shift efficiently. These include control, impact, breadth, and duration. Control is looking for what can improve the crisis now rather than trying to identify all the factors. Impact is...
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