How to Behave on a Meeting with Japanese

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Our company has undertaken expansion plans. We have decided to go international with our business. The market that we have targeted is the Japanese market. Japanese market would be beneficiary for us as the Japanese prefer our furniture and interior designs as it has a close resemblance with their traditional style of furnishing.

Japan is our start. A success in the Japanese market means that we can survive the top competitors in the world. We have to make all the preparation for the success of this deal. We need to take this visit with utmost importance. The visit has been scheduled based on appointment taken on an earlier occasion.

Before we go into Japan, we need to understand their culture. The Japanese business culture is very different from ours. But the good thing about Japanese business culture is that they maybe strict but they believe in long term relationships that are equally beneficiary for both the partners. They are faithful and very much loyal to their partners.


We have been lucky to get an appointment with the Japanese company on 2nd of March, 2011. We only have a week for our preparations. The Japanese are very sensitive about their culture so we must understand it before we get there. We must not give them any bad impression because of our inadequate knowledge about their culture.

Preparation for this week includes discussions on Japanese culture, etiquettes, signs, etc. Anyone and everyone aware about the Japanese culture can share their knowledge with the rest of the group. Also check with the office concerned in Japan regarding the appointment. This can be done over a phone call rather than mail or fax.

We will be accompanied by a translator once we are in Japan. We can expect to learn more from him once there.

DAY1- 2ND MAR 2011

The flight to Japan is at 9:15am from Nedumbassery airport. All the members of the group are expected to reach the airport by 8 am sharp. After 7 hours of journey, we will reach Tokyo International Airport at 3pm(Japanese Standard time).

• The Japanese are very polite people. They believe in treating their guests with honour and respect. Hence, it is important on our part that we treat them equally well in a warm and friendly manner.

• They have a very well mannered code of conduct for everything that they do, respect it. Similarly our behaviour and approach must be in a polite and well mannered way.

• Greet the people with a bow who bow down and greet you. This is a part of giving respect. Greet everyone who greets you without any discrimination, be it the cleaner to you hotel rooms or the doorman.

• Likewise, when you enter a Japanese bar or a store, you will probably be greeted by cries of 'irrashaimase', which means welcome and on leaving you will hear shouts of 'domo arigato gozaimashita', which means thank you. This is because the people here are service oriented. So respect them for the same.

• Any sort of confrontations are to be avoided. The Japanese give great importance to their culture, language and ethics, so appreciate it and try being a part of it.

DAY 2- 3RD MAR 2011

First official work day. On day one, we will be visiting the factory.

• Dress up in dark colour office going formal outfits. This would depict how involved and professional we are. The Japanese like commitment to the work.

• The time for the visit is 9 am. Be punctual as Japanese give a lot of importance to punctuality.

• Greet the Japanese officers and workers with a bow. The deeper our bow, the deeper our commitment.

• If they extend a handshake, keep it short and firm.

• Keep up a warm and friendly face.

• In the factory, greet everyone who is making any eye contact with you. The Japanese would avoid eye contact if they want to keep their privacy.

• Listen to the instructors or guides or anybody when they are talking to...
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