How to Become a Police Officer

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How To Become A Police Officer
Police officers play a very important part in society today. They patrol the streets of your town to make the people of that town as safe as possible. Without them there would be a lot of crime going on. They make everything safer because that is their job and that is what there trained to do.

To become a police officer today you need to have to complete a certain amount of tasks. First, you have to be a United States citizen. Next, he or she must have to had graduated high school and have you diploma. Also, you have to attend four years of collage and receive your bachelors degree. Some also require you to have at least three ears of working experience. Then, once you have completed all of these tasks you will have to attend to police academy. Must be at least twenty one yeas of age to attend the academy. (Boudewijn)

Now here is some useful information you may want to know about the police academy. First, you have to take a series if tests to be admitted into the academy. The

test you will be taking range from written exams to physical exams and oral interviews. You will attend and live at the police academy for twenty five weeks some are more and others are less. There will be military type inspections everyday. This course in a nine hundred and sixty hour training session. The candidate will learn how to deal with real life emergency situations. For two weeks the candidates will learn to master a firearm. Next, they learn self defense, how to detect alcohol or drug influence while driving and handling the sick or injured in times of emergency.(Boudewijn) You will have to take many written exams this will be useful in the field. In the field of duty you will have to write on many occasions. For example you will have to write police reports, citations, and summonses. Also, there will be many physical tests. When you are in the field you need to be in tip top shape....
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