How to Become a Millionare

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How to Become a Millionare

By | September 2008
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What if you could change just one thing in your life and become a millionaire? What if you could do that more quickly?

As the UK's leading wealth coach, one of the questions I'm most often asked is "I want to become a millionaire - how can I do that?" and the funny thing is, while I know that becoming a millionaire is simple, I also know that most people won't, because of one "hidden in plain view" secret reason.

Bear with me for a second......when writing about wealth creation, I often find that once a germ of an idea strikes me, perhaps from something I've read, seen on TV, or something that happens in my life, and then, over the next few days several other things come along to back up or enhance that idea. I suppose this is like the "just bought a red car, see red cars everywhere" theory. Then I often sit on it for a while, and the best ideas just keep niggling away until the idea for an article appears and suddenly, in a rush, it all comes together. This is what happened today and I had to just sit down and get it out there to you, right away, I'm so excited to share this with you.

This article is all about that key secret, the reason that holds most people back from become rich, or even a millionaire (and how, if you want that, you CAN change this one thing, and succeed much easier and much quicker than you ever imagined.

Since business guru and internet marketing maven, Rich Schefren, released his "Attention Age Doctrine" (get your copy here my attention has been focused on the idea of how to add massive value to people, thus encouraging them to pay attention to my wealth creation education company, The Money Gym, rather than on one of the overseas players coming into the UK arena.

This has had a knock on effect of focusing my attention on the topic of focus, and paying attention myself to our business, particularly when I find it SO HARD to do. Does this sound like you.........?

A couple of days ago, I was...

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