How to Become a Good Sportsman

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The Altador Cup. For some, it’s an event to bring people together and have fun playing the different games on offer. For others, it is a time to bring out their worst side. By this, I mean it brings out team bashers. Team bashing is a very simple term to understand. It means insulting (or “flaming”) people because they are in a different team than you. In this article, I plan to teach people what is wrong about what they are doing, and how to change their attitude. The first thing I shall mention is realisation. The Altador Cup is a game, and nothing more. It should not be taken seriously. Sure, we all want our chosen teams to win. However, we are all competing for points at the end of the day. Points we can spend in the prize shop for all kinds of different prizes. If you wish to change your ways, you must first realise the Altador Cup is purely for fun, and should be taken with a light heart.

Now while that’s all fine and dandy, I need to point out some common phrases, and how they are wrong. If we are to be good sportsmen, we must speak like them. Remember, all these phrases are just examples of what can be said. They have not been taken from any direct users, and are purposely written to suggest as many different possibilities as they can.

Phrase number 1- “You guys aren’t good enough to win”. Now, a good sportsman knows every team has an equal chance of winning. It’s all down to how much they all play. The correct phrase should be “You guys haven’t been lucky so far, but if you get out and play some more games, you might win something.”

Phrase number 2- “You support (Insert team here), I don’t like you”. Wait a minute; you don’t like someone just because they support a different team? That’s not at all right. Someone’s personal preferences mean nothing to you, and therefore you shouldn’t prejudice against them for it. I have no good sportsman phrase to add here. Instead, I shall add what a good sportsman would do. They wouldn’t say anything of the...
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