How to Become an Actor and Represent Emotional Scene

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Emotion and memory Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Shuo-Tse Tang
HUM 110
Handout Assignment
Apr 30 2013

How to become an actor and represent emotional scene

Acting is an art, It could be either hard to do or easy to express, its subjective feeling. Acting is like imitation, imitate the people exactly what it looks like based on script of characters, which mean is being human being. Every people have different particular skills of acting, somebody good at facial expression or physical motion and others are probably good at emotional scene, people receive variety of culture background, even have huge gap of living environment, people usually shaped by the living environment surround them. There are few steps of tips helping people become an actor. First of all, you will need observation skills to study different kinds of people, learn their mannerism, speech pattern and posture. Secondly, stand in front of mirror and act out all the characters paying close attention to facial expression, gesture and speaking style incorporate as many emotional into each character as possible, people express the same emotion in different ways, knowing how to express the emotion differently is a great excess at the audition. In addition, learning how to interact and communicate with different types of people you will be impressive that we have so many characteristic personalities. Sometimes, acting an emotional scene you need to understand that method acting a process using of emotional memory to bring out the emotion for a character, so it not devoting your everyday life to a character. Furthermore, developed your emotional or effective memory by trying to thing a memory from your past that move you into a certain way and feeling those past emotional into present, practices bringing up memories and emotions. Bringing out the enteral emotional memory and allow it to surface to your current emotion, in other words, think of some sad or the reason you become sad and eventually show sad. By saying lots of method you should be...
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