How to Be a True Friend

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Mr. S. Shofner
Composition 1,6th
28 September 2011
How to be a True Friend
What kind of friend are you? Are you someone who others can turn to for support when they are down, can you give them a push at the same time as holding their hand, or are you more focused on just sharing gossip and social outings? Like the song “True Friend” by Hannah Montana, one should be able to describe a friend as “pulling someone aside when something’s not right, and talking to them now and into the night, there to the end, a true friend. Friends will go to the end of the earth, until they find the things you need, friends hang on through the ups and the downs because they've got someone to believe in.” True friends should have some definite attributes that make them stand out. A friend should be non-judgmental and also show compassion. A true friend will never judge you. They will stand by you no matter what you believe or what you do. They may not agree with you, but they respect your right to make your own mistakes, have your own opinions, and walk the path you choose. A true friend will be the first person to offer you a supporting hand when you fall. They won't question whether the situation was your own making; they will just help you put things right again. They won't dismiss your sorrow at losing a pet or your distress at your favorite team losing as being non-important. True friends will know that it is important to you, and that's all that matters. A friend should be a listener and be trustworthy at all times. A true friend knows how to listen. Really listen, without feeling the need to talk and turn the conversation’s focus onto them. They will hear what you say and will be able to let you get your feelings out in the open without interruption. A true friend will give you a safe place to be yourself. What you say or do will not be repeated by them to anyone else. True friends do anything just to keep a person around.

Friends encourage each other to be strong...
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