How to Be a Productive Procrastinator

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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How To Be A Productive Procrastinator.

Why do things today when you could do them tomorrow?
While the majority of people believe that procrastination is a bad thing because is shortens the amount of time and effort put in to work. I on the other hand find procrastinating can be wonderful thing. If you follow a few simple steps in no time you to will be a productive procrastinator.

The first and most important step in procrastinating is to always keep yourself well entertained. A true procrastinator is able to see equal value in playing video games and doing homework. It is an accession part that you constantly have some sort of distraction around you no matter how small. You could go for something as simple as looking out your window and seeing the ever changing shapes of the clouds or watching a fan blow your homework papers all over your room ( which if you are planning to follow my steps you will not clean,). If you can manage do to this for al least an hour that’s a good chunck of your day well spent. If you prefer to to procrastinate by watching TV make sure to go through every channel because you never know the show you thought were boring can know hope a new profound interest. Always choose movies over a television show. The shows typically last 30 minutes to an hour but movies can range anywhere from an hour and half to two hours. Each time a show ends you are forced to decide between doing your work or continue watching TV. If you are given that option twice every hours than eventually you will crack. While movies on the other hand last about two hours and since most channel play multiple movies back to back it means more time to enjoy the movie and not worrying about whether you should do your work. If you are like me, the internet is the place to go when you want to procrastinate. There are so many websites to go on where you can spend countless hours looking through varies blogs and posts. Going on Youtube to search...
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