How to Be a Good Student

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How to Be a Good Student

By | September 2010
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Your teacher has given you an assignment: plot 10 representative points on standard graph paper for 20 different mathematical equations. Draw a "fit" line for each one. Make sure the graphs are properly labeled. Even if you are a math wizard, assignments like this can be boring. The repetitiveness may really bother you. It could be hard to see the "real-world" purpose of the assignment. You might suspect that the teacher assigned the project because it is an easy way to separate "workers" from "slackers" to assign grades. The first thing you should do is catch up on all your other homework. Tell someone that you are leaving this assignment for later because you don't want it to ruin your motivation. Ask that person to make sure you do the assignment before it's due. When it comes time to do the boring work, you should be able to hammer through it with the expectation of great relief when you're done. Then, write an article in the school newspaper or a letter to your congressman about how you dislike these assignments. [edit] You Are In Over Your Head

Sometimes you will get stuck while you are working on a tough assignment in a challenging class. It is very important to let someone know that you may be in over your head. You may feel a desire to do something easy and fun, like play a video game or watch TV, instead of working on the assignment and reminding yourself that you are not up to the task. Ideally, you will not be given an assignment you are truly incapable of finishing. If you do not have a breakthrough in a reasonable amount of time, you need to alert the teacher that you are going to fail. A decent teacher will help you work through your mental blockage. If you are a university student, you may need tutoring or you may want to "audit" the class one time through before you take it for real. If you are in high school, you might need to stay after school or find a suitable tutor. Perhaps you should step down a level and take the weight off of your...

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