How to Be a Good Role Model

Topics: Thing, Responsibility, Sociology Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: October 31, 2012
How 2 be a good role model
What does it take to be a good role model? Well here are the things that it takes. The most important characteristics you need are confidence, responsibility and determination. Without these things it is nearly impossible to be a good role model. Here are some good things you can do to improve yourself to be a role model that everyone likes! One of the things a good role model has is confidence. He/she always believes in things that they do. They also like to be brave and stand out amongst the others. They speak up and do what they have to in order to help others. It is absolutely necessary to have confidence in yourself and your actions to be a good role model. The second most important thing is responsibility. A role model needs to be trustworthy of their actions. Being responsible also means being able to act and work without anyone’s supervision. He/she needs to be accountable for things that they do. They can be trusted to do things on their own. They follow all rules and regulations and have a good character. Responsibility is super duper important in order to be a good role model. The third and last thing a good role model has is determination. Being determined means being set to accomplish something. It is of importance because it means you are willing to go through anything to overcome any challenges that are keeping you away from your goal. In other words it means to be persevered. Each and every role model is determined and is never willing to give up. You have just learned what a good role model is made of. Now, you can have their abilities too! However, there are certain other characteristics that a good role model has. Nevertheless, the three that you have just learned are the most important ones. So, don’t wait for the day you will be a role model for others. Start working on the ways you can be one and you will see that moment in no time!

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