How to Be a Good Project Manager

Topics: Management, Project management, Project Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Some people believe that managing a project is something easy and that a project manager's job is not that difficult. But what they do not know is that managing a project can be really difficult. In order to become a good project manager you need to have some characteristics such as a strong technical background, hard-nosed manager, mature individual, someone who is currently available, someone on good terms with senior executives, a person who can keep the project happy, one who has worked in several departments and a person who can walk on the waters. A good project manager should know that in order to create a good project, he needs to respect certain management fundamentals, if he does not focus on them, his project might fail. These fundamentals are: he must be able to communicate with his team and with his sponsor and client as well, he needs to know how to respect the budget that the client has and how to finish the project on time and he also needs to have some skills as a leader in order to be able to control the project team. A manager should always be aware of the fact that his team is the most important and that without it he cannot do his job, and this is why he should respect them and this is how they will respect him too. If I want to be a good project manager, I prefer to work with matrix organization, because the matrix organization have some advantages, its strong points are: the project is the point of emphasis. Because the project usually more complex and the matrix organization shares this virtue with the pure organization. Because the project organization is overlaid the functional divisions, temporarily drawing labor and talent from them, the project has reasonable access to the entire reservoir of technology in all functional divisions. When there are several projects, the talents of the functional divisions are available to all projects, thus sharply reducing the duplication required by the pure project structure. And then the third...
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