How to Be a Good Person

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How to Be a Good Person
We live in a world in which basic values such as kindness and compassion are not often given the importance they are due. In the media, selfish and arrogant behavior patterns are often glorified. It is also common for people to get so caught up in day-to-day responsibilities and personal insecurities, that they lose sight of their goals for personal development. Recovering your sense of integrity, or goodness, begins with identifying your personal values. Goodness is the first step to success and happiness. We can often turn to religion for guidance, but ultimately we should learn to define our own morals ourselves. One of the simplest ways to do so is to love others, and treat them as you would like to be treated. Try to think of others before yourself. Even doing small things on a daily basis will greatly enrich and improve your life, and the lives of others around you. To be a good person is not easy. Edit Steps

Identify what it is that being a good person means to you personally. Some people think that being a good person is as simple as not doing harm to another, but it is not always about what you don't do, but what you do for others. You might not be a bad person, but are you a good person? oWho do you look up to and why? How are they making the world a better place to live in, and how can you do the same? oWhat qualities do you admire in them, and how can you develop the same ones? oKeep your role model close to you, like a friendly spirit that is always at your side. Think how they would respond to a question or circumstance, and how they would respond in the same manner. oThink of ways that you can better embody these qualities you admire. Think of how to apply those qualities in your work, creative pursuits, personal relationships, diet and lifestyle.
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