How to Be a Classy Lady

Topics: Want, Need, Woman Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: May 11, 2013

A classy woman turns heads wherever she goes, she is beguiling, stylish ,humble, selfless and responsible, she is wise and intelligent, she is a woman of virtue and a woman of admirable character. A classy woman receives the respect and admiration of people, she is someone that people want to be around. Every woman should want to be a classy lady and these are the steps. STEPS

* Don’t be trashy, it makes you look like you are desperate for attention- A classy woman has a sense of style. She is fashionable without being trashy. She does not go over the top with her dressing and make up. She creates a style of her own. She does not follow trends instead she wears clothes that suit her body type. Her dressing and make-up does not say “Hey, notice me”, but she gets noticed when she walks past. She avoids wearing extremely short skirts, really low necklines, shirts with inappropriate sayings or logo that make a girl look like she is desperate for attention. A classy lady turns heads without meaning to. * Select your battles and your friends- A classy woman is not one that is known to be a fighter. She does not argue needlessly. A classy woman is one that strives for peace wherever she is. There are some battles that are not worth fighting. Do not argue with people who are bent on being unreasonable, instead approach him or her later after you have given him or her and yourself time to calm down. * Speak calmly and don’t talk too much ,you are not the only one who has something to say.- Dominating a conversation is unpleasant. It makes people view you as an inconsiderate person. Listen to others so that people would want to listen to you when you talk. Don’t be loud it makes you look like you are desperate for attention. * Don’t look down on anyone it says “ I am insecure and the only way I can feel good about myself is by making those I feel are better than me look bad.”- A classy woman is a confident woman, she...
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