How to Be a Ceo in the Information Age

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  • Published : May 11, 2008
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The authors describe seven types of CEOs, their behaviors and attitudes toward IT, and explain why all but one are decidedly unfit to lead companies in the Information Age. Only the "believer CEO" is ready to play a constructive role in his or her company’s use of information technology. Believers understand that IT enables strategic advantage and demonstrate such beliefs in their daily actions. Believers are involved in IT decision making and are proactive in addressing IT problems and opportunities. They seek advice from a variety of sources, study the IT strategies of competitors, and set examples for others managers in their company to follow There are 7 types of CEO

1-Hypocrite: In this type of CEO, he or she demonstrates himself as he believes in IT and mostly, he arranges meeting with experienced people in IT. However, we see the opposite of his behavior in his actions. 2-Waver: The CEO believes the importance of IT in his company, but he avoids taking responsibility for the project and he aims to find someone to be in charge of the project. 3-Atheist: This type of CEO does not believe in IT and IT seems like a non-essential issue to him and always suspicious of new ideas. 4-Zealot

7-Believer: Set clear examples to colleagues to point out the importance of IT Information Age Characteristics
Computer and high technology devices are started to use. The wealth creating tool is information. People start to use communications network and knowledge become crucial in this period. Businesses start to focus on IT strategy by using IT integrated core business like ERP or SAP. Creating a context- Positive hunger for change

Setting Priorities- Focusing innovation and IT in terms of business Signaling continuously and positively: CEOs share own ideas with others everyday Spending quality time: Although CEOs are always busy; they should spend some time to IT issues Working closely with CIO: two way relation

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