How to Be a Bad Teacher

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How to be a Bad Teacher
When the month of August suddenly comes to a halt, students get excited to attend orientation and see their friends. They laugh and tell stories from vacation and remorse over how summer has come to a halt. All of them anxiously wait for the moment when their schedule grazes their hand. This is when the fate of their school year is decided. The schedule not only lists when and where they will be taking attending their classes, but who will be teaching them. Every year, each grade has teachers who are notoriously cruel. They grade harshly, assign unbearable amounts of homework, and make class miserable. Students believe that these teachers are created in a laboratory

Each student has their own personal requirements for a teacher to be likeable in their mind, and if they do not reach several of these than generally the student dislikes them. A teacher first must have the background that makes them unlikeable. Whether it is a personal matter, where they received their teaching degree, or a medical condition, there is always a reason for a teacher to not excel at his or her profession. For example, I have had a teacher that had severe ADD even as an adult and whenever they forgot to take their medicine it led to a poor learning experience. They would skip notes, talk fast, and even forget what they were talking about. This reason is not necessarily their fault, but it is still frustrating for us to endure. Next the teacher must be ruthless; he or she must be a cold-blooded animal at making children dislike them. They will take off points on a quiz or test just because they dislike your handwriting. They must show no mercy. A bad teacher cannot be a friend to their students. They must avoid all outside the classroom interaction and most importantly, they must never make small talk. Their motto is sit down, don’t talk, and pay attention. When a teacher begins to tell a story from their weekend or talk about their kids, they instantly...
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